Tim Bartshe '71 '73

Tim BartsheFor many Mines graduates, the right brain doesn't get worked as much as the left. For Tim Bartshe '71 '73, his studies in the geology department helped engage and challenge the more creative side of his brain, and led to a fulfilling career.

"Having a photographic memory, an active imagination and being able to visualize things — geology is perfect. It is a discipline that is ready-made for my God-given talents," said Bartshe.

Before he found geology, Bartshe earned a bachelor's degree in mining. He wasn't captivated by the subject matter of his first degree, so when he decided to stay at Mines two more years to work on advanced ROTC curriculum, he began working on a geology degree. Looking back, he realizes that the decision to continue his studies in geology changed the trajectory (and happiness quotient) of his life.

Bartshe worked in industry for several years after graduating and then became a prospect generator consultant. With his unique skill set, he was able to visualize and evaluate what was happening 8,000 feet under the surface. His creative instincts led him to success in that sector.

Tim BartsheAs a consultant, Bartshe had an opportunity to work in Indonesia for three years on a project that was one of the most fun things he had done in a work environment.

"My employers basically gave me free reign to review all of the collected data and evaluate the south Sumatra basin. Using information from paleontology, micro paleontology, seismic logs, and sample work, I was able to put it all together in a big picture." That result was honed by years of experience, a sound educational background from Mines and his creative mind.

Now, retired and enjoying trips around the world, Bartshe supports the geology department in several ways:

  • Endowed fund supports thesis-related expenses of geology graduate students
  • Current gifts provide more funding for students
  • Post-lifetime IRA gift will support the endowed fund
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